It's no secret that building a successful business starts with hiring the right team. The current job market is challenging and competitive, yet great team members are the key to success for any business. This means being successful in finding the right people, but not everyone knows exactly how to make it happen. For business owners hiring talented team members often presents as one of their most difficult obstacles.

10 recruitment secrets to ensure you hire the right team members:

1. Be positive and persistent

As a salesperson, you will hear “no” a lot. Don’t let it get you down. The most successful salespeople consider “no” to be a “not right now” and move on with the resolve to try again later. Face setbacks with a positive attitude. Good salesmanship requires that you counter objections with positive rebuttals. Always be persistent, even in the face of negative responses. Remember, where one door closes, another one will surely open.

2. Be a good listener

Successful salespeople are good listeners. They are compassionate and empathetic. Always try to see things from your customer’s perspective and keep their needs top of mind. Take the time to listen. You will breed trust and loyalty if you show that you care about your customers and prospects.

3. Be Organized

If you want to succeed in sales, you need to stay on top of things. You need to be organised. This goes beyond being prepared with the information and material you need for meetings and pitches. Keep track of leads, put appointments into your calendar, make sure you follow up, file your emails, keep customer records in order, make lists and set reminders of what you need to do and who you need to call or see. You don’t want to forget to send a quote or a proposal to an important customer!

4. Be passionate

You love your business. You believe in your product or service. When you show you are passionate about what you are selling, it is infectious. Remember that you are the ambassador for your company. The more you demonstrate your passion and belief in your product, the more persuasive and authentic your conversations and sales pitches will be. The best and most charismatic salespeople believe passionately in themselves, their company and their product or service.

5. Be knowledgeable

Know your stuff. You should not only have a deep and through understanding of your products, but also of the marketplace and macro environment of your industry. This is essential for being able to offer sound advice to your customers and products. Being knowledgeable is pivotal to building your credibility as well as you customers’ trust.

6. Be a problem solver

Think of yourself as a consultant. You are there to address your customers’ pain points and to solve their problems. Position your business, your products and your services to do just that. However, you must remain honest, relevant and specific. Don’t oversell your customers on services or features they don't need.

7. Be prepared

A successful salesperson is well prepared for every call, every meeting and every presentation. Don’t ever try to wing it. Do your research on your prospect and gather as much information as possible on the people you will be addressing. You want to know who you are dealing with, what the business problems are that they are looking to solve, and how you can position your business to address their needs. Fine tine your presentation, be prepared for questions and have information in hand to back up your claims. Nobody appreciates a disorganised fumbler or half answers.

8. Be assertive

There is a fine line between being forceful and assertive. Help your customers to realise that they need your product without forcing it on them. By being assertive and direct, you can move the conversation forward without making your prospect feel defensive or irritated. can move the conversation forward without making your prospect feel defensive or irritated.

9. Be communicative

Always be clear and concise. In today’s fast paced world, not everyone has the time for a long chat. Reaffirm why you are there or why you are calling and cut to the chase. Great salespeople clearly and efficiently articulate the benefits of what they're selling, but never make empty promises. Practice active listening and focus on answering your prospects’ questions. Focus only on what your prospect cares most about, and forget the rest.

10. Be Resourceful

Do not wait for customers to come to you. You must be resourceful and looks for ways to target and reach out to potential customers. This requires some creativity and out-of-the box thinking too. Network, remember to ask for referrals and use every resource at your disposal to find, approach and win-over new customers. Don’t just sit back. Seek and you will find! Click here to book a discovery session.


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Written by ActionCOACH November 11, 2022
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