Welcome to the ultimate guide: "The 28 Most Asked Questions About Working With An ActionCOACH." As readers embark on this journey, they'll delve into the world of business coaching—a realm passionately navigated for 30 years at ActionCOACH. Introducing this comprehensive resource is Brad Sugar, the Chairman and Founder of the esteemed organization. With three decades of coaching experience under his belt, Brad warmly welcomes newcomers to explore the transformative power of business coaching. 


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1. What is business coaching?

Imagine having a trusted mentor or expert with a proven methodology guiding you through the intricacies of growing your business. Business coaching operates much like following a recipe when baking a cake—it offers a systematic framework for achieving success. With over 30 years of experience and a global network spanning over 80 countries, ActionCOACH stands as a beacon of expertise in the realm of business coaching. Their structured approach involves working with clients on a weekly and quarterly basis, crafting actionable plans, and providing support throughout the implementation process. At its core, business coaching focuses on four key pillars: community, accountability, results, and education. It fosters a supportive environment where challenges are shared, victories celebrated, and entrepreneurs find reassurance in a community of like-minded individuals on the journey to success.


2. Why should I have a business coach?

If your goal is to grow and achieve greater success in your business, having a coach is essential. Just like sports teams, great singers, and top actors rely on coaches to excel, business coaching provides invaluable guidance and support. There are three main reasons why business coaching works. Firstly, it offers an outside perspective that's often hard to see when you're deeply entrenched in your own business. This fresh viewpoint helps identify blind spots and opportunities for growth. Secondly, business coaching provides a systematic methodology developed over 30 years of experience. ActionCOACH has distilled this knowledge into six steps, each designed to enhance business growth and success. Finally, accountability plays a crucial role in business coaching. Having someone to hold you accountable ensures that you stay focused on achieving your goals, rather than settling for mediocrity. By addressing key areas such as team development, time management, profitability, and motivation, business coaching empowers entrepreneurs to build thriving, stress-free businesses.


3. Who is ActionCOACH?

ActionCOACH is a globally renowned business coaching firm with over 30 years of experience, originating in Brisbane, Australia, and expanding across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the US, Canada, and Mexico. Recognized as the number one business coaching firm globally for many years, ActionCOACH has earned numerous accolades in both business coaching and franchising. Their exceptional Net Promoter Score, consistently above 80 in most markets, underscores the profound impact they have on their clients' lives. At the core of ActionCOACH's success is its franchise model, where dedicated partners implement systematic methodologies to drive growth and success. Their vision of world abundance through business reeducation fuels their mission to empower business people to excel, fostering growth and prosperity in the global marketplace. ActionCOACH continues to attract top talent, driven by the belief that building great business people leads to great companies. Their transformative journey of education, coaching, and accountability aims to unlock the full potential of individuals and organizations alike.


4. What type of companies can business coaching help?

Business coaching has the potential to benefit a diverse range of companies spanning various industries. From medical practices like dentists and doctors to trades companies, construction firms, and insurance agencies, the scope of businesses that can benefit from coaching is extensive. Additionally, sectors such as manufacturing, engineering, technology, business services, and restaurants have all found value in business coaching, making it an almost universal phenomenon. The common thread among these diverse businesses is a shared desire for improvement and growth. Business owners and leaders seek coaching to enhance themselves and their results, aspiring to achieve more and actively seeking better ways of doing things. ActionCOACH is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses unlock their full potential, guiding them towards personal growth and improved business outcomes. Despite potential variations in the cost of coaching programs, the transformative impact it can have on both business and personal development far outweighs any associated expenses. By partnering with ActionCOACH, businesses not only invest in their success but also in their own growth and fulfillment. 


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5. How much is coaching?

The cost of coaching with ActionCOACH varies depending on the specific program and level of service tailored to your business needs. Coaching programs start at $99 a month, catering to individuals or small businesses seeking group or book club coaching. For larger corporations requiring coaching for their executive teams or directors, investments can range from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. The majority of business coaching offered by ActionCOACH is affordable for businesses of all sizes, with programs designed to accommodate different budgets. The investment in coaching is viewed as a strategic one, with ActionCOACH guaranteeing results within a period of time where clients can expect to make more money than they are investing in coaching services. The speed and magnitude of business growth through coaching depend on the level of commitment and investment in coaching and training tailored to your organization's needs and goals. Whether starting with simple programs or diving into full-scale coaching initiatives, ActionCOACH is dedicated to helping businesses achieve tangible and sustainable growth.


6. How will my business grow through coaching?

In coaching, three key elements contribute to your business growth. Firstly, there's the wealth of knowledge brought to the table by your coach and the entire ActionCOACH team worldwide. This includes access to educational resources like videos, ebooks, and other materials, forming the foundational step in achieving results for your business. Secondly, coaching involves the implementation of tailored strategies devised by expert coaches who undergo rigorous selection and training. This ensures a top-notch coaching experience, translating into tangible results for your business. Equally crucial is the aspect of accountability, ensuring you and your team remain steadfast in pursuing your goals and driving growth. Unlike larger corporations with external pressures for growth, small business owners often lack such demands, making the accountability provided by a coach invaluable. As a coach, ActionCOACH demands excellence from you, steering you towards your dreams and goals rather than merely fixing immediate problems. While short-term solutions are achievable within months, coaching focuses on long-term growth, guiding you through a comprehensive six-step framework designed to build a resilient and thriving business. Through coaching, you'll not only address immediate challenges but also cultivate the strategies and mindset necessary for sustained success and achievement of your aspirations.


7. How will I grow in coaching?

In coaching, your growth extends beyond just the development of your business. ActionCOACH employs a comprehensive six-stage framework designed to elevate you as the owner or leader of the organization. Through coaching, you'll undergo a transformational journey, enhancing your knowledge base, leadership skills, managerial capabilities, and system planning acumen. By nurturing your growth as a business person, you not only drive the expansion of your business but also ensure that your leadership team evolves in tandem. This synchronized growth approach prevents any constraints on the business's potential, fostering a harmonious progression where both you and your organization thrive together. As you embark on your coaching journey, the level of coaching that suits you best will be determined by your unique needs, aspirations, and the pace at which you aim to achieve your goals.



8. What level of coaching suits me?

Determining the level of coaching that suits you involves a thoughtful consideration of your business's current status, your aspirations, and the pace at which you aim to achieve your goals. Whether you're starting small or envisioning substantial growth, there's a coaching program tailored to meet your needs. Many business owners begin with our 12-week educational program, which provides fundamental knowledge and sets the stage for future growth. As you progress, you'll gain clarity on whether you require more education, increased accountability, or detailed coaching on implementation. Your initial consultation with a coach will delve into these specifics, ensuring a tailored approach that aligns with your objectives and aspirations. Additionally, our extensive library of videos offers in-depth insights to help you make informed decisions about your business's future and your coaching journey.


9. Can I be certain coaching will work for me or my industry?

Absolutely. Here's why: Firstly, you're the expert in your industry, while we specialize in business growth and development. Combining your industry knowledge with our expertise in sales, marketing, management, leadership, and organizational development creates a powerful partnership. Secondly, with 30 years of experience in coaching, we understand the dynamics of business growth. Coaching is a collaborative effort, and your commitment to growth is crucial. Finally, when you join ActionCOACH, your dedication to personal and professional development becomes evident. Your commitment to growth serves as a cornerstone for achieving tangible results. As for the timeframe for results, it varies based on individual circumstances and goals. However, our guarantee is that coaching will yield measurable outcomes within a reasonable timeframe, driven by our collaborative efforts and your unwavering commitment to success.


10. How long does coaching take to get results?

In the quest for results through coaching, the timeline is set: within a definitive 17-week window, measurable progress is anticipated. Consistency in executing prescribed strategies, completing assigned tasks, and engaging with educational materials forms the cornerstone of this journey. While some businesses may witness early wins within the initial stages, the overarching goal remains to achieve substantial growth and development by the end of the prescribed period. The availability of free resources, such as videos, books, seminars, and webinars, serves as a catalyst for progress, allowing individuals to initiate their transformational journey without financial commitment. Through this commitment to providing value upfront, the coaching service aims to foster trust and demonstrate its effectiveness, ultimately guiding individuals towards selecting the ideal coach for their unique needs and aspirations.


11. How will I find the best coach for me?

In navigating the quest for the perfect coach, the journey commences with a touch of levity, humorously suggesting that an Action Coach could be the ultimate solution. Yet, the search extends beyond mere association, delving deep into the realm of personal compatibility. With a multitude of coaches available within the ActionCOACH framework, clients are afforded the opportunity to explore various personalities and styles. Adaptability is key, often leading to coach changes as clients progress through different business phases or pursue specialized guidance in specific domains. Ultimately, the selection process hinges on the establishment of trust and resonance, where both coach and client share a mutual commitment to growth and success. As the relationship evolves, guided by empathy, compassion, and a genuine desire for collective achievement, the journey towards business excellence truly unfolds.


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12. Is Business Coaching Really Worth It?

When evaluating the worth of business coaching, one need only glance at the plethora of testimonial videos and glowing reviews that adorn our platform. However, the true value extends far beyond mere financial gains. While increased cash flow, sales, and profitability are undeniably enticing, the real prize lies in the transformation of your enterprise into a sustainable, scalable asset. By embracing a systemic approach to business development, guided by resources like "The Business Coach" book, you embark on a journey towards building a commercially viable enterprise that operates autonomously—a legacy that transcends your involvement. Yet, the benefits don't end there. Business coaching offers a gateway to a supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs, united in their pursuit of global abundance through business education. Within this vibrant ecosystem, characterized by mutual support and collaboration, lies a wealth of intangible rewards—extra time, reduced stress, enhanced team performance, and a sense of camaraderie that transcends monetary value. So, when pondering the question of how long one should be coached, the answer is simple: indefinitely. For in the ever-evolving landscape of business, the pursuit of excellence knows no bounds.


13. How long do I need to be coached, is it a forever thing?

The question of how long one should engage in coaching often evokes the notion of permanence. Indeed, the journey of growth and learning can extend indefinitely, should one choose to continually strive for improvement. However, it need not be an eternal commitment from the outset. Many of our programs, such as the 12-week intensive sessions, serve as entry points, allowing individuals to dip their toes into the waters of growth and development. From there, the path unfolds according to readiness and perceived benefits. Just as we envision perpetual coaching for our beloved sports teams and businesses, the goal is to foster continuous enhancement, with executives and individuals alike honing their skills and refining their strategies. The essence of coaching lies not in burdening individuals with more work, but in empowering them to work smarter, leveraging their newfound capabilities to build a better business.


14. Won't this just mean more work for me?

For many business owners, the prospect of coaching initially raises concerns about added workload. However, the reality often defies this expectation. In the initial stages, a significant aspect of coaching involves identifying and eliminating inefficiencies—shedding light on the "dumb things" and time-wasting practices that hinder success. By addressing these issues, clients typically find themselves with more time rather than less. It's not about doing more work; it's about doing things differently and more efficiently. While there is a learning curve involved, with after-hours reading or watching educational content, the shift isn't necessarily burdensome. Rather than indulging in leisure activities like TV watching, individuals find themselves dedicating time to personal and professional growth. Through coaching, clients typically reclaim four to five hours per week to focus on strategic business development rather than day-to-day operations. So, while the prospect of finding time for coaching may seem daunting, the reality is that coaching often leads to a more streamlined and effective approach to business management.


15. How will I find the time to do the work?

Finding time amidst the demands of running a business can indeed be a challenge, but through coaching, we embark on a journey to optimize your time and maximize productivity. Firstly, we conduct a comprehensive evaluation using a Time and Skills Fund Matrix. This assessment allows us to identify your highest value activities, ensuring that your focus is directed towards tasks that yield the greatest returns, rather than getting caught in the trap of "saving a wage" by handling low-value tasks yourself. Secondly, we explore opportunities to enhance team productivity, enabling delegation of responsibilities and tasks to free up your time for strategic endeavors. By implementing systems, measures, and training programs, we empower your team to take on additional roles effectively. Lastly, coaching serves as a pillar of accountability, ensuring that you prioritize tasks that generate the best outcomes for your business. While coaching doesn't magically create more time, it does facilitate better utilization of the time you have, resulting in improved results and efficiency. Moreover, many business owners find themselves reigniting their passion for their businesses through coaching. Over time, as you reconnect with the joy of entrepreneurship, you'll discover that running your business becomes less of a burden and more of a source of fulfillment. After all, as we believe at ActionCOACH, business is meant to be fun—a sentiment we're committed to restoring in your entrepreneurial journey.


16. Will I need money to implement the strategies I learn through coaching?

The answer is both yes and no. Many strategies can be implemented without additional cash, utilizing existing resources or reallocating budgets. However, some may require investments in areas like hiring, systems development, or marketing expansion. We assess your business's capacity for growth, ensuring investments align with sustainable progress. Additionally, our coaching extends to training your team, equipping them with the skills needed for success.



17. Can you also train or coach my people?

Indeed, ActionCOACH recognizes the challenge many businesses face in developing comprehensive training programs. Thus, they position themselves as a solution by offering to serve as the dedicated training department for clients. Whether it's customer service, sales, marketing, or leadership, ActionCOACH provides tailored training sessions to upskill both the business owner and their team. Moreover, they extend their services to coaching individuals within the organization, aiming to enhance performance across all departments. Their overarching goal is to foster holistic growth by equipping both the business owner and their team members with the necessary skills and strategies for success.


18. What results have others seen through coaching?

The outcomes have been nothing short of remarkable, with many experiencing dramatic improvements. Some have doubled, tripled, or even surpassed these figures in terms of profitability. Notably, there are instances where businesses now operate seamlessly without the owner's direct involvement. These successes are vividly depicted in ActionCOACH's extensive collection of videos on their YouTube channel, website, and social media platforms. Testimonials from satisfied clients serve as compelling evidence of the transformative power of coaching. For those seeking deeper insights, the ActionCOACH podcast features interviews with Epic entrepreneurs who share their journeys and the pivotal role coaching played in their success. At ActionCOACH, the focus remains steadfast on optimizing time, cultivating high-performing teams, and maximizing financial prosperity.


19. What is the reason you focus on time, team, money, and motivation?

The focus on time, team, money, and motivation is driven by ActionCOACH's commitment to holistic business development. Recognizing the importance of these pillars, ActionCOACH prioritizes them to ensure comprehensive growth strategies for their clients. Time management is emphasized due to its direct correlation with productivity and profitability—an efficient use of time translates to increased business success. Building a high-performing team is essential, as businesses thrive when equipped with skilled and motivated individuals who drive growth and success. Financial growth is prioritized as revenue, sales, and profitability are vital for business sustainability and expansion. Lastly, motivation plays a critical role in navigating challenges and maintaining momentum in the face of adversity. By addressing these key areas, ActionCOACH empowers businesses to thrive in dynamic and competitive environments.


20. What is the C-A-R-E philosophy?

The C-A-R-E philosophy, as articulated by ActionCOACH, encapsulates their approach to holistic business development, transcending mere profitability to encompass personal and professional enrichment. In this philosophy, Community stands as a cornerstone, advocating for collective growth through the sharing of knowledge and resources among business owners. Accountability ensures progress through structured support systems tailored to individual needs, fostering a culture of continuous improvement. Results are driven by a commitment to education and lifelong learning, recognizing that personal growth is essential for sustainable business success. Through this philosophy, ActionCOACH delivers personalized coaching programs that prioritize the individual needs of each client, empowering them to thrive in both their professional and personal endeavors.


 21. Is the coaching tailored for me personally?

While ActionCOACH operates with a structured approach akin to a recipe, it's important to note that this recipe is highly adaptable and personalized to meet your specific needs. Whether you're craving a chocolate cake with chocolate chips or a lemon cake, the coaching program is tailored to suit your preferences, as well as those of your team and industry. During your sessions with your coach, you'll witness firsthand the extent to which they can customize the program to align with your unique circumstances and business goals. This may involve incorporating additional training modules or adjusting various aspects of the coaching program to better suit your requirements. Ultimately, the coaching experience is designed to be comprehensive and tailored precisely to your needs, ensuring that you receive the support and guidance necessary for your business's success. And yes, planning is an integral part of this process, providing a structured framework for achieving your objectives effectively.


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22. Do I have to do planning?

In the realm of business management, planning is an indispensable activity, spanning daily, weekly, quarterly, and annual intervals. However, ActionCOACH acknowledges that mastering the art of planning is a gradual process. There's no expectation for clients to craft a comprehensive three to five-year business plan right from the start. Instead, the emphasis lies on progressively developing planning skills by initiating with fundamental steps like goal setting and strategy formulation. ActionCOACH offers robust systems and technology platforms to facilitate this journey, ensuring clients have the tools and resources necessary for effective planning. Through their learning management system and other technological aids, clients receive support in enhancing their planning capabilities, thus fostering business growth in a structured manner.


23. Is there a technology platform I get to use?

ActionCOACH provides a comprehensive online coaching system, empowering clients to manage various aspects of their business seamlessly. Through this technology platform, clients can engage in planning, business operations, reporting to their coach, and tracking key performance indicators to measure success. Additionally, the platform serves as a hub for continuous learning, offering a wealth of resources to support growth and foster community engagement. Clients can participate in ActionCOACH communities on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, where they can access "Ask the Coach" programs and seek advice from a vast network of coaches and fellow members. This collaborative environment enables clients to address challenges, achieve goals, and realize their business aspirations effectively.


24. What are the 12-week programs and why do we start with a 12-week program?

ActionCOACH offers a variety of programs tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses. Among these options are the comprehensive business plan, the 12-week education program, and shorter-term workshops like the Action Club. The 12-week educational programs are structured to facilitate knowledge acquisition and practical implementation. Clients typically engage in half-hour video sessions followed by an hour of coaching or group facilitation. This format allows for a gradual learning process, enabling participants to absorb information, apply it, and track results over time. By spreading the program over 12 weeks, ActionCOACH aims to foster the development of new habits and methodologies, recognizing that meaningful change takes time to solidify. Additionally, the spaced-out format accommodates clients' busy schedules, avoiding the need for prolonged absences from daily operations. Overall, the 12-week programs serve as a foundational step towards achieving sustainable business growth and success.


25. Do I get to attend local events?

ActionCOACH places a strong emphasis on local engagement and community building, offering clients the opportunity to attend live events in their respective markets. Unlike purely online training programs, ActionCOACH prioritizes face-to-face interaction and local presence. These events provide invaluable opportunities for networking, learning, and collaboration within the local business community. Clients benefit from the personal touch of having a coach who is not only local but also deeply integrated into the community. This localized approach fosters stronger connections between clients and their coaches, enhancing the effectiveness of the coaching relationship. Overall, attending local events is a key aspect of the ActionCOACH experience, enabling clients to access resources, support, and networking opportunities tailored to their specific market dynamics.


26. Why do you also recommend reading and videos?

Continuous learning and growth are paramount in business success. The adage "you can't out earn your learning" rings true; maintaining a growth mindset is essential for overcoming future challenges and reaching new heights. Reading and watching videos provide valuable insights, perspectives, and strategies that can expand your knowledge and skill set. As the saying goes, "what got you here won't get you there," emphasizing the need for ongoing learning and adaptation. ActionCOACH encourages various forms of learning, including audio, video, reading, eBooks, and training programs, ensuring that clients have access to resources tailored to their preferred learning styles. By embracing a culture of continuous learning, clients and their teams can stay ahead of the curve, adapt to changing market dynamics, and achieve sustained success in their business endeavors.


27. Are there any guarantees?

Regarding guarantees, clients can discuss the details and conditions with their coach to understand how they operate. It's crucial to recognize that guarantees involve mutual responsibilities; they're not unconditional promises of success. Clients need to fulfill their side of the agreement for the guarantee to be valid. Nonetheless, ActionCOACH is committed to delivering results and is confident in its ability to assist clients in achieving their objectives. The company values clients' dedication to their own success and looks forward to collaborating towards reaching their goals.


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28. How do we get started?

To embark on this journey, individuals have a few options. They can delve into more videos and download additional ebooks to continue expanding their knowledge. Alternatively, they can schedule a meeting with a coach to commence their path towards growth today. By connecting with ActionCOACH, clients can initiate the process of propelling their businesses forward and toward success. The team is eager to welcome new members into their community and collaborate toward achieving their mission of fostering World Abundance Through Business Re-education. Taking the first step is as simple as clicking the button, joining the community, exploring more content, or reaching out to one of the team members for further guidance.

Written by ActionCOACH February 20, 2024
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