Perhaps one of the best things about becoming a business coach is the control you gain. Of course, we’re not talking about controlling your clients. But rather it’s about putting you back in the driver’s seat of your own life.

When you work for someone else, you’re always going to have someone who oversees the work you do and someone you must report to. As a business coach, you are the boss. You set your own rules, work to your own time, take on the clients you want, and essentially do not have to listen to anyone but yourself. Sounds like the ideal career, right? In this blog, we reveal 6 benefits of becoming a business coach, helping you regain control of your career, and your life.

1. You can live and work anywhere 

If you hate the Monday morning (and every other morning) slog to the office, you’ll love the freedom that becoming a business coach provides. You can choose to work from home, an external outside or even on the road. And, if you’ve been thinking about a scenic change, as a business coach, you can quite literally work from anywhere in the world. Business coaching can be done over the phone or online, so location and geographical limitations are now pretty much irrelevant.

2. Experience a large professional network and community

It’s almost always been the case that success, in any given field, depends on the size and strength of your personal professional network and community. Essentially, the more of the right people you know and spend time with, the more successful you’ll be in your financial and professional growth. When you become a business coach, you are quickly introduced to a large network of people. This is due to the cooperative and collaborative way business coaches work. While yes, business coaching can be quite an individual career, there is a lot of cooperation that goes on behind the scenes. When you become part of the ActionCOACH franchise, you will make 1000s of personal and professional relationships, which will greatly help your growth and therefore your success as a business coach.

3. You’ll grow as a professional and as an individual

Another benefit of becoming a business coach is the personal and professional growth you’ll achieve. When you become a business coach, every day you will be developing your inter-personal skills as well as building upon the skills you’ve acquired throughout your career. Not only will you learn from other coaches in your network and community, you’ll also learn from your clients. The field of business coaching truly encourages growth on all levels.

4. Work at your own pace in your own time

When you decide to become a business coach, you won’t have anyone breathing down your neck telling you that you need to achieve certain number of KPIs in a specified number of days or weeks (unless you want that from your own coach). You have complete control over every aspect of your career. And, when training to become a business coach, there’s no time limit. A lot of people choose to stay in their current profession and jump into business coaching part-time whilst maintaining a current revenue stream. The main point is, becoming your own boss as a business coach can be as simple or challenging as you make it.

5. You can launch yourself into bigger things

 Once you gain experience as a business coach, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to launch into other businesses, if you want. If you’re an excellent business coach, it’s possible you will develop a local, national or even an international reputation. This may happen organically, but if having an international audience and client list is something you’ve always wanted to do, if you work hard enough, you can make it happen. Having a large reputation and following also gives you the option to do other things in the business coaching field such as writing a book, creating online courses or live trainings.

6. Be energized and inspired each day 

A benefit most business coaches enjoy is the inspiration and joy that comes from working with a variety of clients. As a business coach, you’ll be helping others achieve their dreams and life goals. You’ll be making a real impact on the lives of others. And, each day is different. You never know who you might end up coaching and what kind of impact you’ll have on their lives, but also the impact they might have on your life. Click here to find out more about ActionCOACH Franchise opportunity.

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Written by ActionCOACH April 17, 2024
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