You’re a new coach and much of your energy centers round making a success of your coaching business. You also realise that the success of you business hinges on the success you can help make of your clients’ businesses. 

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After all, that’s why you are in the coaching business; because you want to help other people to realise their business goals. You just might be feeling a little unsure about HOW. Rest assured that it is to be expected. When you are feeling unsure, remember these two things;

Fast fast, fail forward

Do not be afraid of failing. Starting out, you might be treading carefully, taking small steps and avoiding taking risks to prevent making mistakes. But, mistakes are part of learning. They are inevitable in the journey of entrepreneurship.

There’s the mantra “Fail fast, fail forward”. It implies that through making mistakes, you move forward. Of course, nobody likes making mistakes but they teach us more than the easiest of successes ever will. Each failure becomes a lesson and your lessons will make you better, more informed and probably more likely to succeed – provided you are paying attention and actually learn from them! So pay attention when things go wrong. Figure out what made them go awry and put systems in place to make sure you never repeat whatever it was that you did.

Reality bites. If the realisation hits that what you are doing is not working, face it and change it before a small mistake becomes a much bigger one. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. As part of the ActionCOACH family, you have access to a community of experienced coaches, many of them are MasterCOACHES. Network, ask for guidance from those who may have had similar experiences and made similar mistakes. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience at your fingertips. Don’t be shy to tap into it.

Failing forward has much to do with how you recover from a mistake. Instead of throwing your hands up or getting despondent, become a strategist. Be agile. Be adaptable. Making a success out of your failures requires perseverance.

Keep it simple

ActionCOACH has a powerful coaching model. It is tried and tested. It works so stick to the system. It is that simple. There have been plenty before you who have come into the system and been very successful. Then are those who come into the system and don't succeed. Generally it is because they don't follow the system. There are only six components to the coaching system that really make it work.

1. Alignment

Align the business owner by finding out their business goals and understanding where they want to take their business. This is critical. If you don’t know what their goals are, you can’t help to get them where they want to be.

2. Action plan

Step by step, define the actions and strategies that are needed to improve your client’s business. Depending on the sophistication of the business, you will do between 12 and 14 strategies in a year. Go to the basics of Mastery, if they are in place, move onto the basics of Niche, once they are in place, go up to Leverage and start systemizing the business. Once that’s done, focus on Team and get everyone taking responsibility in order to free up the business owner for the next steps such as Synergy and Results.

3. Regular Coaching

Entrench the coaching format and have regular coaching sessions with the business owner. Once you understand and you are following the coaching session format, it is just a matter of repeating the same process on a weekly or bi weekly basis. If these interactions don’t happen, both you and your client will become detached from the coaching process.

4. Work “on” the business

Get the business owner investing a minimum of four hours per week to the progamme. You want to get them working “on” the business, creating strategies and planning to improve the business. Use the Super Quick Time Study and other simple tools to free up four hours a week to create a future.

5. Measure and test

Create a dashboard to look at where the leads are coming from, to measure the 5 Ways, look at the financials every month, watch the cash flow, and investigate industry KPIs. Once the dashboard is set up, make sure that the business owner is trained to use it and looks at it every single day.

6. Self education

Make sure the business owner is educating themselves. They can self educate by reading, listening to audios or watching videos. They can also attend workshops and training sessions. There should be continuous learning. 

The next steps

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Written by ActionCOACH April 17, 2024
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