Our ActionCOACHES come from all walks of life, from diverse industries and boasting an array of skills and experience. One thing that they all have in common is the desire to help people achieve their ambitions and make a success of their businesses. Each of our coaching journeys is unique but for all of us the rewards are the same.

So let’s look at mindset…

As with any business, coaching requires diligence, resilience and hard work. What you put in, is what you get out. When you decide to become an ActionCOACH, you are making the decision to become a business owner so you should have an entrepreneurial spirit and be prepared to put in the work that is needed to get your business off the ground.

ActionCOACH loves to engage with exceptional leaders who have a passion for helping people and making a difference. That is what business coaching is all about. We realise that not everyone is designed to be a leader, a self starter or a motivational learner.

Our Due Diligence Process will help you to discover if owning and running a business is right for you. Our goal is not to sell you an idea or an opportunity. Instead, we want to help you find out if ActionCOACH is an authentic opportunity for YOU!

To make a success of an ActionCOACH business coaching franchise, you should be ambitious about growing your own small business. You should also have a passion people and be able to communicate well. Being goal orientated and results driven will also help you to set objectives for your growth and that of your clients.

Physical and emotional resilience will see you through the tricky early stages of setting up your business as well as when the going gets tough as a result of changing market conditions or when your clients face challenges and lack motivation. These are some of the key traits we look for in our ActionCOACHES.

Now let’s look at skills and experience…

People feel reassured when they know they are working with someone who has the knowledge and experience to guide them in navigating the challenges they face in their business. You should have at least five years experience in a managerial position or with running your own business. In a nutshell, you should be able to walk the talk!

You need to invest in your own personal development. Make sure that you have business qualifications behind your name and continually strive towards growing your list of credentials. By joining ActionCOACH, you get the value and credibility that comes with our brand.

When you become an ActionCOACH, you are instantly part of an established, credible and trusted community of business coaching experts. You can tap into the network at any time. Our training is unparalleled, the ongoing support is unmatched and you have access to the library of ActionCOACH’s proven systems and processes.

Finally, let’s talk investment…

ActionCOACH is a people business. However, there is an investment component – as there is with any franchising business. This includes a willingness to invest both time and money into becoming an ActionCOACH.

From a financial investment perspective, prospective franchisees should have adequate working capital. This includes the initial capital to setup plus contingency funds in case things do not go as planned.

Currently there are three ways to become an ActionCOACH. You could choose to become an Employee Business Coach, a Practice Owner or a Firm Owner. By having a conversation with us, we can guide you into which one would be best suited to your current and future needs and goals.

You can expect to invest a considerable amount of time into becoming an ActionCOACH. We do have regular training programmes every quarter. So, there is no rush and it’s important that the timing is right for you.

We have a six week pre-training period which can be condensed into four weeks if needed. This will provide you with the basic business fundamentals. You will then progress to the 10 Day intensive certification training programme. After this, you will be assigned to our multi-level support matrix which provides support and accountability at all levels from start-up to scaling. This includes a 12 month post training programme.


Be clear about why you want to get into business coaching. This line of work is about growing people and helping them to bring their big dreams to fruition. The outcome of helping your clients’ businesses succeed is good business for you. To find out more about becoming an ActionCOACH, click here to find out more about ActionCOACH Franchise opportunity.


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Written by ActionCOACH April 17, 2024
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