Are you contemplating to become a business coach but feel overwhelmed by the myriad of professional coaching services available? To make the choice even more difficult, are you second-guessing whether you should sign up with a prominent coaching group or save costs by either choosing to partner with a smaller and local firm or even go at it alone?

To make the choice easy, perhaps these 5 benefits of joining ActionCOACH might tip the scale for you:

There is power in a name

ActionCOACH is not only the world’s largest and leading business coaching firm but was founded by Australian-born entrepreneur Brad Sugars who himself owned and operated more than two dozen companies. Today ActionCOACH boasts more than 15 000 customers in 70 countries and over 1 million seminar attendees will attest to the power of the tried and proven short-term and long-term programs offered. ActionCOACH is based on a franchise model which means essentially you run and manage your own business while simultaneously having access to the full resources of the ActionCOACH group and fellow coaches. As a business coach, you will be advising potential customers to make life-changing decisions, so why would you run the risk of gambling with your own future success by not investing in the most obvious choice - ActionCOACH? The name recognition of an established brand coupled with the franchise’s system of standards that proved successful over and over again over the last twenty three years, means your customers will feel confident they are receiving only the best experience or service from you.

Long-term success is our game

There is no such thing as a ‘quick fix’ when it comes to mentoring a business owner to not only start enjoying the benefits of a thriving business but also working less and reaping the rewards. That is why as an ActionCOACH, you will retain the skills to identify potential challenges for your customers and most importantly the tools to offer them strategic and tactical problem-solving solutions that will ensure high-level performance continues long after your coaching ends. Whether you have a background in finance, marketing, general management or sales, as an ActionCOACH you will gain vital training that will help you become invaluable to your customers because with you as a mentor they will have a marketing manager, sales team leader, trainer, recruitment specialist and corporate consultant - all in one. The ActionCOACH formula will not only help your customers to thrive, it will help you to start earning money from day one.

Tried, tested and proven solutions

The ActionCOACH systems are proven and with over 328 different profit building strategies you will understand just how powerful, once you gain access to the wealth of knowledge you will obtain during your training to become a certified ActionCOACH. Initial training will include a seven day in-depth and full time training program with complete access to the ActionCOACH system covering all aspects of business mentoring. Once completed, you will not only have access to ongoing support from the global ActionCOACH network but also their world-class and unique online coaching portal. This platform which was introduced in 2019, will offer your customers daily insights into their companies’ performance, allowing them to plan and act like never before. The new online coaching portal is designed to allow business owners, with the guidance of their business mentor, to set goals, track performance, identify trends and see their growth. From the dashboard, business owners and their coach, will have full visibility

into daily tasks, immediate and business growth in alignment with their long term goals identified by their trusted ActionCOACH. As a certified business coach in the ActionCOACH group, you will also have access to your own success coach who will be on hand to help you stay on track to ensure that you reach your own personal business goals.

Awards to prove it

The ActionCOACH brand has been associated with many success stories since 1997. A long list of accolades follows this brand including:

§ Rated by Entrepreneur Magazine as the #1 Business Coaching Franchise in the world

§ Top 100 Franchise overall, by Franchise Direct

§ Top 20 Home Based Franchise Brands, Franchisee Satisfaction Awards by the Franchise Business Review

§ Top 25 Fastest Growing Franchises (pls add the link as reference - can’t find it online)

§ Company of the Year and Most Innovative Company of the Year, The 2019 American Business Awards

§ Most Innovative Franchise Brands of 2019 by FranchiseBusinessREVIEW,

Most importantly, ActionCOACH listens to what their own customers say. They conduct Annual Client Satisfaction Surveys through independent research agency, WorkBuzz, to ensure that they continue to raise their standards of customer service. In 2019 they scored a ‘world-class’ status with 97% of clients recommending them to a friend or associate; 92% of customers agreeing that they offer a powerful suite of business solutions; 90% of clients confirming that it is worth the investment and 79% clients stating that since working with ActionCOACH, their revenue increased.

ActionCOACH takes you places

The best thing about choosing ActionCOACH is that through their flagship 1-2-1 Mentoring Program you will be able to help many people reach their dreams by mentoring them to focus on their business goals and implementing the proven step-by-step action systems. Once you taste the satisfaction of helping other business owners realise their own worth and ultimately achieving success, only then will you fully understand the impact and value you can offer and the difference you can make to not one, but multiple lives.

The next steps

If you are serious about becoming a business coach, why not choose the winning team and earn according to your time and effort you invest into a franchise opportunity. Initial training is also supplemented with weekly group coaching, fortnightly team meetings in your area, invitations to the Asia Pacific and global conference, day to day success coaching and support as well as marketing and sales assistance. The opportunities are limitless! This is how you can become an ActionCOACH.

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Written by ActionCOACH January 10, 2021
ActionCOACH is recognised as the creator and most successful practitioner of business and executive coaching methodology that offers owners and managers a new perspective on their businesses and companies.