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12-Week Management Masterclass

Watch your team's productivity and results soar after implementing what you learn.

Graduating from the Management Masterclass will help you...

Gain Control of Your Business

You deserve to have full control, to make your own choices and set your own priorities. Get your business working for you, not the other way around.

Boost Your Financial Results

Invest your time in only the highest-value activities that drive your business forward, increasing your financial rewards.

Improve Your
Quality of Life

Whether its the school run or traveling, free yourself from the burden of running your business. Let it thrive, so you can focus on what truly matters.

Why does the 12-week Management Masterclass work?




What to expect


1. Practical Management Skills: We focus on the vital practices and processes that drive success

2. Productivity Boost: Watch your team's productivity and results soar after implementing what you learn.

3. Affordability: Access high quality training without breaking the bank

4. Implemention Support: Our program ensures you can put your newfound skills into action effectively. 

5. Choose Your Format:  Attend weekly sessions in-person or virtually via zoom.

Ever wonder why most sales people struggle to get their prospects to sign on the dotted line time after time? What makes some prospects so reluctant to buy, even when you know just as well as they do that what you are offering them is exactly what they need? How can you reduce their resistance to your sales efforts while at the same time making it easy for them to buy?
Management Masterclass
As your business and your team grow and you begin to have the right people on your team, it’s time to look at the difference between management and leadership. 

Management is a process, straightforward and simple to understand, yet it takes time to properly implement.  

Joining the Management Masterclass gives you access to...

12 x LIVE Management Training Sessions faciliated by an ActionCOACH

Brad Sugars  - LIve ActionCLUB

  • 12 x 1 hour weekly sessions live or online
  • Learn with other business owners
  • Participate in facilitated sessions with your local ActionCOACH
  • Walk away with practical strategies


12 x Online Training Sessions with World #1 Business Coach, Brad Sugars

12 Online Training Sessions

  • Chairman & Founder of ActionCOACH, Brad Sugars, will deliver video learning sessions each week
  • Training is delivered in self-paced format with videos, and activities to help make learning more in-depth and comprehensive 

Workbook & Planning Tools ready to use in your business right away

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  • Additional resources, reading recommendations and planning materials makes learning more valuable.
  • Walk away with planning tools, Reading recommendations and a workbook

The Management Masterclass Outline

The 12-week content will enhance your Management Skills and provide you with tools that you need to scale your business and your life.


Management vs. Leadership

Explore the distinction between management and leadership, develop a leadership mindset, and learn to eliminate blind spots while embracing a customer and growth mindset.


Management Competencies

Dive deep into management competencies, assess your skills, and discover how to elevate your leadership capabilities.



Managing Daily Lists

Master the art of managing daily lists, creating an organised workflow that boosts productivity.


Managing Weekly Lists

Move on to managing weekly lists, introducing the LION concept to enhance your strategic planning.


Managing Weekly Meetings

Learn to lead impactful weekly meetings, covering essential elements like WIFLE, group discussions, individual lists, and more.


Managing 1:1 Meetings

Explore the art of managing 1-2-1 meetings, fostering effective one-on-one communication with your team members.


Goals & Measures

Set goals and measures using KAI, KPI, KBI, and the 6x6 approach. Embrace stretch goals and SMART objectives.


90 Day Planning

Craft a dynamic 90-day plan, making dreams come true with IVVM, and focusing on quarterly objectives.


Annual Reviews, Personal Development & Discipline

Navigate annual reviews, personal development, and discipline, including SWOT analysis and conflict management.


Communication & Tools

Enhance your communication skills, delve into tools like 360-degree feedback, and explore neuro-linguistic programming.



Build Effective Teams through Systems, Training & Recruiting

Build effective teams through systems, training, and recruiting, incorporating the 80:20 rule and ActionCOACH's systemization principles.


Transition Manager to Leader

Transition from a manager to a leader by understanding the dynamics of management and leadership transition.


Take these 3 easy steps to scale up your business...

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Register Your Interest

Click on the register now button. Fill in your details, complete your payment.  Craig will be will give you a call and book you a place on the next available program.


Build a Plan and Vision

We work together to understand your vision and put a step-by-step plan in place to create a business that will work without you. .


Enjoy the Life You Deserve

Start enjoying the benefits of owning a business that can work without you.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does the 12-week Management Masterclass cost?

...This program's investment is $1200, payable to your business coach. 

2. What is business coaching?

Imagine you're an average footballer with a dream of playing in a league or even the premier, but you only have 12 months to make it happen. Would you spend endless hours trying to improve on your own, potentially ingraining bad habits, or would you invest in an experienced coach who can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses while you play? By providing you with opportunities to improve and identifying potential pitfalls as you progress, a coach can help you on your journey to success. The same principle applies to business coaching.

We may have been taught ‘business studies’ at school, college or university, but this never prepared us for the reality of owning or leading a company. Your business coach will train you, guide you, mentor you and hold you accountable for your goals and actions. Your coach will help you to analyse your ‘business goals’ but they will not kick the ball for you. They will become your confidant, your teacher and your compassionate, yet uncompromising friend. 

3. Why would I need a business coach?

There are endless reasons why a business owner, leader or senior manager would benefit from the support of a professional business coach. Being a business leader can be a lonely occupation as you need to wear many hats and often have little support outside of your family and friends.

Your ActionCOACH will become your mentor, confidant and compassionate yet uncompromising friend. Your ActionCOACH will be there to guide you through the tough times and celebrate with you as you achieve your successes. 

4. What is group coaching?

Group coaching is a method that involves coaching multiple individuals at once. In this approach, the coach works with a group of people who share common goals, challenges, or circumstances.

The group is a supportive environment where members give each other feedback, provide mutual support and develop a sense of community.

Our membership group coaching programs are designed around our ‘CARE’ philosophy.

‘C’ stands for ‘community’. Each of our group programs harnesses the power of shared learning and sense-making in a safe personal development ecosystem with other business owners and leaders at a similar stage in their journeys.

‘A’ stands for ‘Accountability’. Here you will be held to account by other members of your program in a supportive, fun environment. They want you to succeed and will challenge you to ensure that you achieve the goals and actions you set for yourself.

‘R’ stands for ‘Results’ as you will share and celebrate your successes with your peers and inspire one another to achieve even greater heights.

‘E’ stands for ‘Education’. All of our programs are facilitated by a World-Class certified ActionCOACH Business Coach and supported by the world’s No.1 resource for business growth and education. You will learn new strategies, tools and frameworks to implement into your life and business straight away, ultimately empowering you to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

5. Are there extra charges to implement the strategies?

Absolutely not! You will find that implementing these strategies will actually save you money! Whether you are on a group or 1:1 coaching program, you will be shown how to implement strategies and then be held accountable to do or delegate the work by your coach and your peers in the community.

Everyone in the ActionCOACH family is committed to your business and personal growth and you will find support is happily given whenever you need it – whether that is from your coaches team or our wider ActionCOACH community of incredible business leaders.

6. Will business coaching work for my business, industry or specific problem?

The ActionCOACH coaching system has been proven to work in businesses of all shapes, sizes, industries and at every stage of development. Thousands of businesses worldwide have been coached to success using these proven methodologies. Whilst every business and team are different, the challenges they face are often remarkably similar.

Your ActionCOACH will help you identify the root causes of your challenges and the barriers that prevent you from achieving success. Instead of just addressing the symptoms, your coach will work with you to choose the best strategies that will help you overcome these obstacles. Together, you will create a strategic roadmap that will guide you to the success you desire. 

7. How much time or work will I have to put in?

The main purpose of coaching is to help you become more efficient and effective in how you invest all of your resources, especially your time, which is the most valuable of them all. At the start of the coaching journey, we focus on time management to help you analyse your relationship with time, identify how you're currently spending it and provide you with clarity around your choices. This will help you make significant improvements in both productivity and efficiency, allowing you to invest more of your time working on the business as a true leader rather than in the business as just a part of the machinery.

We strongly recommend that you dedicate at least 20% of your time to working on activities, and we will assist you in finding ways to achieve this goal. 


Transform Your Business with Confidence




Transform Your Business with Confidence

At ActionCOACH, we understand it's essential that you achieve real results for you and your business. That's why we back our coaching programs with our ActionCOACH guarantee. As long as you follow our proven systems and complete all of the work and actions agreed upon in your sessions, our coaching programs are guaranteed to deliver the transformative outcomes you deserve. Ask your coach for full details.


At ActionCOACH, we understand it's essential that you achieve real results for you and your business. That's why we back our coaching programs with our ActionCOACH guarantee. As long as you follow our proven systems and complete all of the work and actions agreed upon in your sessions, our coaching programs are guaranteed to deliver the transformative outcomes you deserve. Ask your coach for full details.

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