You’ve done your research and have decided owning an ActionCOACH franchise is the right next step in your career. Franchising is a great way to run your own business while feeling safe in the knowledge you’re being backed by a proven franchise system. Having the security of a strong brand name, established systems and experienced mentors can be the difference between your businesses’ success or failure. However, not all franchising opportunities are created equally, and you may have read in the news lately about mass store closures for a few well-known global franchises. The important thing to remember about investing in and owning a franchise is that it pays to do your due diligence beforehand. You want to invest in a franchise that has proven systems, an excellent track record and supports you every step of the way. You also want to invest in a franchise that offers a high and quick return on investment.

When determining the ROI of any kind of franchise, it is important to consider a variety of factors. In this article, we are going to take a specific look at the ROI of owning an ActionCOACH franchise, taking into account your invested time, money, the training you receive and how much you can earn as an ActionCOACH franchisee.

What You Get When You Invest in ActionCOACH

When considering the ROI of owning an ActionCOACH franchise, we like to take into account two central influences: time and money. From the very start of your ActionCOACH career, you will be working hard to build assets that will produce positive cash flow and contribute to your overall bottom line. How? ActionCOACH supports its franchisees from the beginning and for the entire duration of their time as an ActionCOACH franchise owner. We do this through ongoing and extensive training and support, and through incredible business opportunities that require little capital from you, and in turn offer a great ROI.

Yes, you will spend the first few months investing a lot of your time and money getting your business started. Your time will be spent on things like training, admin, marketing, sales and everything else that’s necessary to get a business up and running. However, from the get-go, you will actually be building a business that can run for itself as you create a saleable asset from the ground up. Furthermore, when you invest in ActionCOACH, you receive access to a proven business model that has transformed thousands of people just like you into successful and wealthy business owners, and quickly.  

Why Choose ActionCOACH?

Let’s talk money. After your initial investment, which will be determined by the type of franchise model you choose, ActionCOACH does not add on any hidden fees. There will be the cost of fixed monthly royalty fees, material costs, office space if you wish to go that way and hiring of any staff or external contractors in areas such as social media, admin, bookkeeping etc. The other cost is of course the cost of your time which initially will be your greatest investment as business coaching marketing is predominantly built around referrals and networking, best undertaken by yourself. . 

So what can you earn as an ActionCOACH franchisee? Most franchisees attract a relatively high revenue rate of $375/hour (on average). But it’s not just about the money you can earn. The real return on your investment are the tools, tips, tricks and solutions you’ll learn that will improve every aspect of yours and your clients’ businesses. At ActionCOACH, we offer a proven 13 step, 7 touch sales process that offers a fast and immediate impact. Your franchise could become self-funding within a matter of weeks of you starting. 

An important consideration about investing in ActionCOACH is that the skills you learn will be in demand everywhere you go, no matter the state of the economy. The coaching industry is still emerging, and you’ll be at the forefront of it’s continued growth. New streams of revenue are constantly being created, generating consistent and positive cash flow.

The Benefits of Joining ActionCOACH

When you join ActionCOACH as a franchise owner, you receive one-on-one coaching that will give you incredible earning potential from day one. You’ll be supported every step of the way, and trained to coach the right businesses that will see you recoup your initial investment in no time at all. Furthermore, we offer group coaching and other business educational programs, along with quarterly and five-year business development planning workshops to ensure that your product range is sufficiently diversified to suit a broad market requirement. Most importantly, you’ll be joining a family that supports one another every step of the way, where a helping hand is never far away.

How to be a Successful ActionCOACH Franchise Owner

So what does it take to be a successful ActionCOACH franchise owner that recoups their initial investment quickly? It’s simple. All you need to do is learn, follow and implement the ActionCOACH systems. This is what we see as the only true path to success. At ActionCOACH, our franchise system is proven to work, all you need is the time to learn it, the discipline to follow it and the determination to see it through. Click here to learn more about ActionCOACH franchise opportunities!

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Post by ActionCOACH
March 28, 2018
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