Is owning a business coaching franchise something you’ve been dreaming about for a while, but you’re unsure whether or not you have the right skills and experience? Let us ask you this: does the thought of running your own business and having the power to make a difference in the lives of others light a fire in your heart?

If so, chances are you would thrive as a business coaching franchise owner. The thing is, in order to become a business coaching franchise owner, you don’t need experience in running a business as many people would believe. It’s true that in the franchising industry, franchisors seek franchise buyers who have skills that can be adapted to their business model through training and systems.

However, perhaps the most important thing franchisors look for is a franchise owner who has the desire to succeed, the drive to learn, and a sincere passion for what they’re ‘selling’. When it comes down to it, franchisors are most likely to grant franchises to people who have the right attitude, rather than the specific business or technical skills for the job.

The same is true when it comes to owning a business coaching franchise. That’s not to say, however, that anyone can become a business coaching franchise owner. So, if you want to run a business coaching franchise but aren’t sure if it’s the right fit for you, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the experience and skills that make a great business coaching franchise owner.

What is Business Coaching?

Before we get into the skills and experience you need to own a business coaching franchise, we want to talk a bit about what business coaching actually is. There is some confusion surrounding the profession of business coaching, so we’re going to set the record straight. Basically, business coaching is a strategic process that takes a business from where it currently is, to where the business owner wants it to be.

A business coach is there to guide, support and educate business owners so they know what they need to do to achieve their business goals. A business coach will not do the work for you, and a business coach is not a consultant. They simply give you the tools, guidance and support to allow you to successfully do it for yourself.

Business coaches help owners or employees of any sized business with a variety of skills necessary for success. These skills can be sales to marketing, management to team-building, finance to operations and much more.

A successful business coach will help their clients plan, set goals and create winning strategies that will help a business reach its objectives. Essentially – business coaches do it all. They are educators, personal sounding boards and someone who will be honest with you about where you’re at in your business.

The Experience you need to Own a Business Coaching Franchise 

Perhaps one of the most enticing things about becoming a business coaching franchise owner is that you don’t need coaching experience. The only experience you really need is either a background in sales, marketing, finance or management – the rest can easily be learnt. The best business coaching franchise owners aren’t necessarily those with the most experience.

In fact, those with an entrepreneurial spirit, passion, drive and desire to help others succeed usually make the business coaching franchise owners. So now you know what kind of experience you need (or don’t need!), here are some other important skills you should have in order to run a successful business coaching franchise.

You are a leader who brings out the best in others

Whether you are an extrovert who loves the idea of presenting to and coaching your clients directly, or a bit of an introvert who prefers to build the business’ systems and processes from behind the scenes – either way, as a business coaching franchise owner, you will be responsible for leading others.

Perhaps you’ll be inspiring new contacts to sign up as clients, or motivating your clients to take the next step in their business. Or, perhaps you’re building a team of reliable support staff. No matter how you choose to run your business coaching franchise, it’s important that as the owner, you have the skills to lead and bring out the best in others.

You have translatable skills

As we’ve talked about, having some experience in either sales, marketing, finance, business or management is important if you want to own a business coaching franchise. While business coaches come from almost every industry, it’s not for everyone.

And, while it’s true that passion and dedication will get you far, in order to be as successful as possible, it’s vital you start off with skills in sales, marketing, finance or management. It will also make your time transitioning to the role of business coaching much easier.

You are flexible

Flexibility is crucial when it comes to being a business coaching franchise owner. The best business coaches are flexible in their approach to their clients. While there are certain systems and processes in place for your coaching calls and seminars, there are times when clients may throw you a curve ball.

You’ll need to be flexible in order to offer the guidance they need, when they need it. Successful business coaching franchise owners are the ones who truly care and are willing to go the extra mile when needed. If you want to know more, Click here to find out more about ActionCOACH Franchise opportunity.

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June 21, 2018
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